leftover materials

Efficient Use of Resources

Autumn leaves, removed from urban areas by waste management, become, with the addition of cellulose, open-pored, sound absorbing acoustic panels.

They are transformed into an open-pored composite by a manufacturing process originated in papermaking. Without glue, only with the addition of cellulose, which can also be obtained from green waste (for example Christmas trees). In the city of Stuttgart alone, about 1500 tons of leaves and 400 tons of Christmas trees are accumulated each year.

The cork-like look and the maintained natural scent of leaves give not only conceptional but also tangible, a natural touch to the panels. As if you would take a piece of nature into your home. In order to not hide, but to emphasize the origin, the design focuses it: Each panel is an abstracted foliage leaf as an asymmetrically constructed hexagon. By ‘leaf veins’, going from panel to panel, as well as the free arrangement, almost randomly appearing panel composites are developed. As module connections brass collection screws are used. These can easily be screwed in by hand without any tools and simultaneously serve for wall-mounting due to their middle hole. By size selection and leaf shape, a reference to the currently very popular lifestyle trend of tropical houseplants is set.