Craftsmanship, Quality, Sustainability, Design

Designed by Jasmin Castagnaro, the main goal of Recycled Nature Collection is to find alternative materials to plastic, trying to use natural resources that surround us. Millions of leaves fall to the ground every autumn and are constantly thrown away in our cities. However, this is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. Out of wonderful autumn LAAB, which means “leaves” in the South Tyrolean dialect, unique lamps are created, 100% handmade. A project by and for nature calling for greater awareness of unused natural resources.

After the leaves fall to the ground naturally, they are collected and carefully sorted by colour and type then mixed with a special recipe of natural glues and bio-resins. Thanks to a particular technique of reusable wooden moulds, the lamps can be produced from a single cast without dividing lines. In this way unique pendant lamps with a smooth finish are created.

The new products are the LAAB “coffee tables”, with a surface made of LAAB and a “floor lamp”, both made with a structure of black steel turned into a timeless design.