gota collection | OGSB

Sustainable Design

Gota Collection is the result of a collaboration between the young industrial design studio OGSB and the Ateliers J&J. Crafted from recycled aluminum, the two LED lamps already have an eco-friendly build. However, the studios pushed the sustainable design further. Using a single material and a monocolor finish, the teams ensured that the user can easily recycle the lamps at the end of their life cycle. The collection consists of two different types of LED lighting; one table lamp and one-floor lamp. The design of the lamp allows it to be articulated on two different axes which give it a real personality.

Thus, the light beam can be oriented by the inclination of the axis of the lamp and by the orientation of the lampshade. Gota’s arm and head hold their position wherever they are placed in space.

The reflection and our desire for durable and conscious objects are translated in the choice of a single-material object facilitating recycling and assembling. This choice is supported by the monocolor finish (anodized or colored).

The lamp is also completely removable in favor of a possible replacement of the components. Particular care was brought to the material quality of this collection because this is very important for us to reintroduce the notion of ‘qualitative’ in the products in order to induce a change of relation with the consumption.