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Acoustic Textile Design

Designed by Studio Petra Vonk, PLECTERE is made from woolen felt strips that can be used as a partition wall, in a wooden frame or can be manufactured as a 3D object. In all of its forms, PLECTERE introduces texture and warmth to workspaces, dampens sounds through its excellent acoustic properties and contributes to a better employee experience.

PLECTERE is characterized by a visually attractive 3D structure with an intriguing, repeating pattern. It exhibits a remarkable acoustic function by weaving the felt into a 3D structure. Because of its transparency, users can demarcate spaces without completely sealing them off. When PLECTERE is hung in front of a glass wall with a spatial cavity, it absorbs both high and low frequency sound waves.

PLECTERE acoustic room dividers embody a new application for the venerable material felt: the result is design innovation for the material and its applied technique.

PLECTERE aline is a partition panel designed to divide space and reduce noise, without disconnecting. PLECTERE curve is a quarter of a circle (diameter 180 cm) which can be extended at both ends up to the desired width. PLECTERE light combines two properties: it improves the acoustics and it emits light.