junglewall | GLIMAKRA

Artificial Nature That Silences and Allows Recovery

Nature is the best place for recovery. We need to see nature, and preferably stay in it, to feel good. Nature also provides the best acoustic environment. However, the interesting thing is that the brain records artificial nature in the same way and
provides the same calming effect.

Despite all the information about the importance of nature in the workplace, plants are often not prioritized in the projects. Care and advanced technology for larger plant walls feels complicated and costly.

From all this, the idea of JungleWall was awakened.

JungleWall is a series of sound-absorbent leaves in different patterns. The material is made of felt and the leaves can be mounted in a way that creates a distance to the wall. In addition, the material in JungleWall, along with the distance to the wall, creates a good prerequisite for sound absorption. JungleWall is advantageously used in large quantities in a workplace / public environment like a background wall.