Sustainable Acoustic Partition System

Scale, designed by Layer, a super flexible, modular acoustic partition system for
Asia Pacific textile design and interior finishes company, Woven Image.

Sustainability is about more than recyclability. Scale is not only produced from sustainable materials, but the system can adapt to the needs of a commercial
interior over time. For example, a workplace growing and shrinking, with
flexible work and break-out areas as teams are created and dissolved or a hotel
that has mixed use public spaces with a variety of needs. The innate product
adaptability therefore extends the product’s lifespan and decreases its carbon

The environmentally sustainable system comprises pressed recycled hemp
tiles, available in a range of colours, which clip onto an injection-moulded ABS
framework mounted on aluminium base plates. Intuitive mechanical fixings have
been developed for ease of both assembly and disassembly.

Scale can be used in commercial spaces, hotels, convention centres and other interiors requiring high performance acoustic separation to create straight walls and gently curved corners. The system can be used to create both solid and
fenestrated walls, and the 330mm x 330mm tiles have a large surface area for
super-efficient audio absorption.