Yonca Aközer | impressions


MIPIM 2019

As ALKAŞ, we got ready for MIPIM 2019 in a different way than we used to do before. We started working two and a half months before to set up a substructure for companies and foreign investors to meet up, and we supported all appointments. To be able to answer the question of “What is the perception of foreign investors about Turkey, and what are their expectations?”, we supported the preparation of some exclusive presentations. Thus, our company has joined MIPIM with a pre-arranged appointment schedule. There were also instant appointments throughout the fair, but; it was an efficient MIPIM for companies thanks to those pre-arranged appointments.

At the same time, we observed that the companies willing to invest in Turkey leaned towards social housing projects. When we talked to foreign investors about the projects we have been working on, we noticed the interest of them once again. From this point of view, we can say that if you get ready before the organization, you get the maximum efficiency. I think the most important detail here is that we need to be prepared for investors’ possible questions and their expectations beforehand. Because our work requires different applications for different countries, cities, and companies, and we need to promote these in such international arenas.

The continuity of participation in MIPIM is crucial. I would like to underline that Turkish companies are preferred in such global arenas as an important constituent of the global business world.

Thanks to the valuable support of Mr. Kurum, this great investment platform is planned to be held in Turkey in 2020. Besides RE360 Real Estate Conference, at the end of this year, the rehearsal of MIPIM Turkey will be done. As a result of the preliminary preparation, we observed that the participation of Turkish companies was fruitful this year and considering 4,326 B2B and numerous visits of international delegations prove that. I believe that these target figures increase next year.