Vedat Arslan | impressions


MIPIM 2019

Since MIPIM is a leading organization of real estate industry in terms of provided opportunities for networking, we have participated in that organization for the 11th time as Aremas. Therefore, we believe that we know well about the fair considering what to do before it starts, and the important points to be able to achieve maximum efficiency from the organization. The most important point is, MIPIM is not an organization to introduce or sell products; it is an international interaction event. For this reason, in order to achieve efficient networking activities, it is necessary to keep in contact with the companies before the organization to set some appointments. We have contacted about 20 companies before visiting the venue this year. Although we mainly discussed what can be done in the Turkish market, we talked about overseas with some other companies as well. Overall, it was an organization that we got ready beforehand and have involved efficient talks in that sense.

Regarding the whole organization, the Istanbul market was a bit busier than the last two years. There are some service companies that are interested in developing business in Turkey, some organizations willing to invest in Turkey, as well as some companies offering opportunities to invest globally to the Turkish investors to increase that interest to the Turkish market.

As a result, to introduce Turkish real estate to the world, to increase the awareness and credibility, to show it as a strong market that cannot be ignored; Turkish real estate representatives should take place in such international organizations on a regular basis.