Gökhan Avcıoğlu | impressions

GAD Architecture

MIPIM 2019

MIPIM is a huge, visionary gathering where the world’s major real estate players get together to discuss and share ideas about current and future issues. Many countries, states or cities taking part and set up their own pavilions to create a strong synergy by gathering local and global investment groups, financiers, architects, and contractors under the same roof. The US is distant in taking part in the organization. It was clear enough to see their lack of interest with only a few local businesses that are trying to sell a few villas.

While Turkey was previously taking part with a Turkey Pavilion, which was unfortunately not well-managed; with our support and late Ibrahim Caglar’s vision, and under the leadership of ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce), we continued to take part with Istanbul Pavillion. This year again, there was the Istanbul Pavilion, but sadly, late Ibrahim Caglar’s absence was very noticeable. Although Istanbul is a great location, the pavilion was a poor one because of ITO’s reluctance. This was a huge embarrassment for Istanbul. As an architect based in Istanbul, I was ashamed on behalf of our country. If next year, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality doesn’t take over the Istanbul Pavilion, they will lose it obviously. There was no local or global content, conference or panel. It was so poorly done and attracted no visitors. Why would global sector professionals visit such a pavilion when we find it hard to accept it as our home?

Moscow was the center of our attention since we locate our office there and work in the region. Our work must have been pulling attention as Denis Boykov, the CEO of the Moscow Urban Forum and his team invited us as the speaker to a panel at the Moscow Pavilion this year. The Moscow and Istanbul Pavilion had been our central stations for the last three years in MIPIM and this year was no different. However, for the above mentioned, we couldn’t adapt to the Istanbul Pavilion this year. Beyond that, MIPIM is a unique organization full of businessoriented participants, spread all over the city and mixed with the city culture. MIPIM attracts the world together just like Cannes Film Festival, MIPTV, MAPIC. Supporting the trade of the craftsmen to work continuously and feed the whole city for nice and cozy winters. It means when you say preparation for MIPIM; This means preparation for the city. It is vital to know intercultural relations, the favorite places for meetings and the events outside of Palais Des Festivals.

Well prepared for the venue and the city as the conscious participants since the foundation of the Istanbul Pavilion and 30 years of attendance. We can say MIPIM met our expectations this year with the contributions of being well-prepared. In particular, we brainstormed with investors, developers and municipalities about upcoming global liquidity crisis and alternative business and investment models aiming minimum damage or even benefiting.

We have seen the plans and the answers of the cities to the changing global trends. Lisbon, Barcelona, Moscow, and the country/region of Midland and Egypt representatives prepared extraordinarily.

Especially for recent years where cities, as frontiers leave the municipalities, countries, and governments behind, MIPIM is a pathfinder for finding markets for your product or services. In this age of technology; the cities which adopt technological integration, targeting investments, establishing its own economy or planning its structure by considering technological investments should be the target of real estate industry for the next 50 years.

MIPIM not only gives you access to the right market but also provides you an opportunity to leaving a global reputation for your brand when you act with the right strategies. Besides sharing of experiences; each city, each country and every industry professional is continuously teaching something new to each other. Therefore, if you don’t have something to say, if you have nothing new to teach, this organization is not beneficial for you within the frame of becoming a global brand.