pop smart button | LOGITECH

Simple and Smart

Logitech POP Smart Button is simple smart home control for the whole family. Use POP to control lights, music, and more. Each button can be used to trigger three different, custom commands. The POP Smart Button system ties a physical button to other devices in the house, so you can control them with one of three types of button presses. A quick press can do one thing. A long press another. A double tap can perform a third action. These actions can be tied to the same device or different ones altogether—and each press can send multiple commands, so you can turn on the TV and dim the lights with just a single tap. You can also link the button to IFTTT recipes. The POP kit comes with two pieces. A small bridge plugs into an electrical outlet, after which you never need to interact with it. The POP button itself is a slim, rubbery square about 2.4 inches on each side. This can be placed anywhere or mounted with the included double-sided tape—the only way to permanently attach it to anything.

Product Features:

Control your apps at the touch of a button

Works with Apple HomeKit

Allocate 3 different commands

Sync lights with movies and music