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The Floor Becomes A Touch Screen

SensFloor® is a large area capacitive sensor floor, installable beneath all kind of flooring – invisible and discreet. Persons walking across the floor trigger signals which are sent wirelessly to a transceiver. This system can calculate the number of persons on the floor, their direction and speed as well as detect falls. Several standard-interfaces are available for client-specific data analysis infrastructure. SensFloor offers a variety of applications in health care, Ambient Assisted Living, home automation, security and multimedia. Future-Shape GmbH is in the business of developing and manufacturing an innovative sensor floor system for elderly and health care facilities as well as hospitals. Once installed SensFloor® supports the optimization of care processes and helps doctors in the areas of Neurology, Geriatrics, Psychiatry to assess the health status of their patients.

SensFloor® specifically supports assessment of health status, analysis of sleep behavior, measurement of treatment success, reliable fall detection and prevention, overview with the ward terminal, optimization of pathways, documentation and reports. SensFloor® is installable beneath all kind of flooring – invisible, discreet and respects privacy. It can easily be integrated into almost any building automation and nurse call systems. SensFloor® can also be used for gait recording. Experts are able to evaluate the effect of medication and physical training based on gate patterns recorded with SensFloor® Gait. Especially for patients with a higher risk of falling early diagnosis and treatment are essential. SensFloor® Activity is for Retail, Multimedia and Security Applications. Human localization and tracking for manifold application scenarios. Recognize motion patterns and evaluate activity profiles.