konnect | KOHLER

Smart Digital Showering System

DTV+ with KOHLER Konnect® uses voice-enabled technology to deliver a customizable showering experience. Control your routine without ever lifting a finger, and enjoy an immersive, invigorating shower that’s designed just for you.

Personalize your shower to feel like a spa, to energize your mind or to help you unwind. Additional settings for steam, light and music help enrich your complete experience. The KOHLER Konnect app lets you control all the elements of your digital shower, right from your smartphone. With DTV+, your shower adapts in real time to suit your needs.The smart home technology features voice-enabled technology to adapt the shower, bathtub, toilet, smart mirror, smart faucet to the customer’s needs and wants. Through Amazon Alexa technology, the Verdera® Voice Lighted mirror’s lights will be dimmed or brightened or with the click of a finger, the bathtub sensors are activated and will fill it to the rim with the water at the perfect temperature that the user desires through PerfectFill technology.