pavegen v3 | PAVEGEN

Smart Tiles

Tiles that convert energy from people’s footsteps into small amounts of electrical power. The triangular design maximises both energy output and data capture; whilst its durability and easy deployability allow Pavegen to seamlessly integrate into any location, as a decentralised power solution. 

The Pavegen V3 system’s key components are a triangular composite tile surface and electro-magnetic generators. As people step on the tiles, their weight causes the top surface to vertically displace by between 5mm and 10mm. This creates a downward pressure on the generators beneath, initiating a rotation in their electro-magnetic mechanisms, to produce current and data. One footstep is enough to generate the amount of off-grid energy needed to light an LED lightbulb for approximately 20 seconds.

The tiles also have a wireless API sensor, which transmits data about movement behaviour in areas where Pavegen is installed. This can help to create an idea of peak times for foot traffic in an area, predict consumer trends, and create heat maps of popular urban spaces.

The V3 tile has a generators at each corner which means not a step is wasted. The tiles collect real-time footfall data, tracking people’s location and the number of steps they’ve taken, which could be used by retailers to track customer movements.