murmur wall

Murmuring Wall

What will the city around us be thinking, seeing and feeling in the near future? How will its desires and fears manifest? What will be the most important?

Offering a glimpse into the immediate future, the Murmur Wall is an artificially intelligent, anticipatory architecture that reveals what the city is whispering, thinking and feeling. By proactively harvesting local online activity—via search engines and social media—the Murmur Wall anticipates what will soon matter most to the city. Constructed out of an intricate weave of steel and acrylic tubing, digital displays and electronics, the Murmur Wall allows visitors to witness datastreams weaving through the wall in the form of animated LED light and digital text displays. As a continuously evolving interface, the Murmur Wall provides a place for the city to share, indulge and reflect on the real-time desires—and anxieties—of its citizens.

You may also contribute your “whispers” here: Momentary whispers can be immediately interjected onto the wall. These real-time anonymous contributions will move rapidly through the lattice as bright white datastreams. They will appear only once and will not be collected, reused or shared.