© Francis Dzikowski

Interactive Wallpaper

Flavor Paper’s innovative display encourages visitors to become active participants in the world of wallpaper. The presentation comes alive with sound, light and motion when individuals touch key points on the screen printed conductive ink tiles. With its artful combination of technology and design, ‘Conduct’ elevates the concept of wallpaper into a new realm of possibility that transcends décor.

The installation incorporates soft pink and greige hues with splashes of Ghislaine Viñas’ Wild Thing wallpaper. Handprinted plywood tiles featuring graphic circuitry traces connect with polished copper tabs that conduct electricity to the UM Project function boxes.

The innovative wallpaper embodies the playful character of both companies, and the display uniquely demonstrates Flavor Paper’s ability to create wall coverings that function as modern works of art. This installation’s thoughtful combination of 2D and 3D elements creates an exciting, novel experience, and as all aspects are handmade in Brooklyn, the colors, textures, materials, scale and outcomes are completely customizable.

‘Conduct’ is a skillful combination of innovative engineering and inspirational ideas, with a bright and engaging arrangement that gives new meaning to wallpaper. This compelling display provides an inviting, immersive experience that encourages exploration of the endless opportunities within wallpaper design.