SMART AI modular bookshelf
Joo Seoyoung, Kim Jiyoung, Kim Woosang, Park Sanghyuk

Smart Bookshelf

Smart AI Modular Bookshelf, designed by Joo Seoyoung, Kim Jiyoung, Kim Woosang and Park Sanghyuk is a smart bookshelf that helps you manage your books efficiently. Intuitively, it shows you which bookshelf stores the book you look for. Smart AI Modular Bookshelf uses image recognition technology to identify a book and track it’s location. The embedded camera in Smart AI Modular Bookshelf keeps track of a book’s location even if the book’s location changes. A new book can be registered with their respective ISBN, book spine, or internet book information, before specifying a bookshelf location for the new book. When searching for a book title, the corresponding bookshelf will light up. Smart AI Modular Bookshelf provides an overall book and reading management service that includes functions such as reading progress management and book reviews. Furthermore, it can be assembled in as multiple configurations for any number of bookshelves in any shape.