DKM | impressions

We attentively prepared for the tradeshow with the contribution of entire DKM Construction and Consultancy team and design office. Before the exhibition, we conducted a comprehensive market research in expectation of achieving our goals to enter new markets and gain new distributors for our Tunex brand, which is our main reason of participation. We collected industry-specific data about the sectoral players and their projects in France and neighboring countries via sectoral portals where foreign projects information shared.

Our experiences from afore exhibitions abroad guided us in our preparations for the Batimat Tradeshow that we attend for the first time. As for the analysis of our target audience, we collected data about our industry partners and their projects in France and neighboring countries through aforementioned sectoral portals.

As a result of this fieldwork, we sent invitations to more than 5000 individuals and companies. In an attempt to represent Turkish culture, we brought Kütahya Tile patterned gifts as our guests.

Approaches to the major themes of Batimat…
Climate Crisis… Carbon neutrality… Waste Management… Recycling…
The focal themes of Batimat 2022 well correspond to the motto of our company. We are one of the pioneers in our local market of the environmentalist attitude that’s continuing to possess all sectors globally, European countries in particular, and we continue our efforts to keep our place as role models. Our production is based on recycled raw material which we emphasize on all occasions and in every media like our brochure, website and promotional product designs as part of our corporate identity and standing.

We have observed an unsubtle tendency toward innovation and novelty, especially among far eastern participants. Yet this is not true for the European manufacturers.

When we toured the exhibition, we have seen some innovative products, yet we have not met exciting innovations that would revolutionize our knowledge. After a long period of pandemic interruption, we regret to say that most of the exhibitions and booth designs had returned to the stage with their old presentation techniques.

Considering the climate change, the most dangerous problem of our world, the construction industry has major responsibilities due to their carbon emissions. In this respect, at the exhibition we have seen an increase in production and use of recycled materials somewhat. But the rate of this transformation is nowhere near enough. Petroleum-derived raw materials and natural resources are still indisputably preferred in production.

No matter how much Batimat attempts to bring sustainability to the fore, we have seen that the Tradeshow has surrendered to the dominance of conventional construction materials.

We think the states should support and subsidize the use of recycled or recyclable materials with very strict laws.