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Batimat 2022
Batimat 2019 Tradeshow was the last international event that KP had participated as media partner before pandemic. After 3 years, Batimat takes place at a new location with a new vision concurrently with Interclima+elec and Idéobain on a brand new date, October 3-6, 2022.

The new location of the fair…
From 25 km outside of
Paris to the city center…
One of the most important aspects of an exhibition is the accessibility of its location. This accessibility is important for exhibitors as well as visitors; in terms of logistics, transportation, facility, accomodation, in a word, comfort for the installation teams before the event, and for the participants who need to focus all their energy into the event and the visitors during the exhibition. Moving the tradeshow from 25 km outside of Paris [Parc des Expositions de Villepinte] to the city center [Expo Porte de Versailles] is a change most welcome.

The site plan is purposive and more functionally organized compared to the previous fairground. The space is more larger, it is easier to find the passageways connecting the halls, the layout plan is less complicated for visitors, and the open spaces offer more comfortable recreational areas for breaks and lunch.

Site Plan…
As before, the most attractive, therefore the most crowded areas are hall 5.2, where System House solutions are presented, and hall 1, where various construction materials are displayed.

System House companies continue their quest to offer wider and higher spacings. Thinner profiles promote the minimal attitude of architecture. The simplicity of the materials are also reflected in the booth designs. The most interesting booth belongs to Technal, as usual. Previously designed by Stefano Boeri and Kengo Kuma, the Technal booth was left to the hands of OECO Architects, a French architectural office founded by 3 female architects. OECO Architects have made an equally noteworthy job with design in terms of appearance, materials, the exposition of the products, encompassing all the issues that Batimat 2022 embraces. The design consisting of craft rolls is reinforced with metal construction. Inviting, transparent and truly deserves attention by expressing a lot with less material.

Less material use, environmentally friendly products and simple design appear in most of the booths of participant companies in Batimat. Low carbon emission issue has been adopted by the participants. The use of recycled materials, fewer walls and more openness are embodied in the reusable exhibition booths.

Another attractive booth in the same hall is that of the company producing PVC windows by reprocessing old PVC windows as raw material. The company representative says that the figures are on a very small scale. Nevertheless, it is an undeniably correct approach.

Does reusage of recycled materials in the same manner in urban transformation projects enable us to pollute the nature less? That’s an idea!

Recycling of waste materials may well be more costly and less ecological. It is a topic of discussion and needs to be discussed further. Although the subject needs to be examined from the sustainability point of view, it is certain that every step taken in this direction will be beneficial in some way. Where other solutions fall behind, it is best to leave the stage to art. Art has the magic of upcycling waste materials into favourable and inspiring work.

There is a serious transformation going on throughout France. However, this transformation appears in the form of renovation of buildings to make them useful, not wiping them off the map to rebuild. Considering the energy efficiency perspective, the biggest share in this transformation falls to the insulation. All kinds of insulation products have found their place in hall 1, which is another hall of attraction.

The variety of building materials is stunning. Another matter of interest is the increase in the number of participant companies in the field of acoustics. Digital printings have been added on acoustic coatings and thus, acoustics have begun to gain a decorative identity. Could it be the result of pursuit prompted by the fact that acoustic comfort is an element that can be sensed but not seen? An effort to bring out the invisible? Would it be interesting to see a Mona Lisa print on an acoustic panel? That’s another idea, another “why not?”.

While the materials are being simplified and becoming more refined, the inverse proportion of this simplification with new functions is remarkable.

Decorative paint and decorative plaster options seem to have increased compared to before. Plaster products regarded as a base of the final coating, and mostly not as finishing products, are now taking their place on the walls as the visible face of plaster with new textures. Whether it is textured or needs a texturing process during application, the choice is up to the designers or their customers.  

It is a crucial opportunity for manufacturers to tell about their products face-to-face after a 3-year break. The overall energy of the fair is high. Each and every participant is eager to tell about their products and systems. Environmentalist approach predominates all new products developed during this 3-year period. Those who did not develop new products had obviously strived to improve their products.