Doruk Çelen | impressions

Çelen Group

MIPIM 2019

We left a busy year behind with changes in the balance of investment environment and intense country agenda. Therefore, we did not have enough opportunity to prepare for MIPIM 2019. Interestingly, foreign investors who find the changing economic environment attractive were very much interested in independent counselors like us this year.

We take part in MIPIM every year. We find the opportunity to establish long-term business relationships. These global organizations give us ideas about the development of our corporate strategy, global trends, and innovations. “Turkey” is
our most important brand, and I believe we should work hard to grow its reputation. In terms of the globalization of the brand, all institutions taking part in these types of organizations should be in solidarity to introduce our country to the world. We believe that the regular campaigns where Turkish business people can organize and attend will positively affect Turkey’s brand name as a symbol of quality and prestige internationally.