Pearl Chee | impressions


World Architecture Festival 2018 | Prominent features of the project

I think Kampung Admiraly has a broad appeal because as developed societies all over the world age, they face the challenges of housing their growing elderly population in lifeaffirming communities. Kampung Admiralty is the prototype of a public housing development which offers solutions to these challenges by providing senior citizens with affordable housing as well as all the amenities and services that are needed to lead an active life.

The design combines apartments with a medical centre, retail, f&b, elder care, child care, a public plaza and very green public rooftop park, playground and outdoor gym. Standing alone, none of these amenities are that special, but combining them in one building makes life very convenient for the senior residents and the development becomes attractive for people of all ages, which helps to draw in the whole neighbourhood and fosters an environment in which inter-generational bonding can take place. By offering all these amenities and being sociable and environmentally sustainable, the building is a positive addition to the city.


The WAF is a very unique platform because it attracts design practices globally, from big to small, from well-known names to (for now) undiscovered practices… The judging process is quite different from other awards, because it takes place almost ‘live’ with the projects being presented to the jury at the event and the results being announced at the end of each round. I really enjoyed seeing all the different projects, the range is amazing and it’s great to see what is going on in all the different categories.

We will see if being awarded the “World Building of the Year” will have a significant impact on our business, but in any case, it’s nice to get international recognition for the hard work and effort our team, our partners, consultants as well as the clients and stakeholders put in.