PDG Architects | impressions

World Architecture Festival 2018 | Prominent features of the project

In collaboration with PDG Architects and Antepe, Antalya Local Products Bazaar is designed for Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. At first glance, we can talk about the Taurus Mountains that surround Antalya and the strength of the metaphorical form that we used in the building shell. We have already defined it as ‘feeling the mountains’. But we didn’t build the shell as a complete form. In fact, in the design process, the shell was designed to organize not only the structure but also the whole territory. From organizing entrances and exits, to sheltering the transitions to the edge of the building; it is a modern interpretation of the concept of ‘stoop’. In addition, the association of the plan typology with ‘yesterday and today’ will be noticed at first glance, but it will be noticed as soon as we talk about the design process. Therefore, I think that both the contextual level and the functional setup of our project complement each other by becoming a whole.


There are many competitions in the world that reward many projects and structures. In addition to this award, WAF is distinguished as a meeting point where architects can combine their own designs with their own forms of presentation and methods. Almost all of the shortlisted projects have proven themselves with their qualities. Architects from all over the world living in different locations share their design process and experiences with their own perspectives.

Nowadays, you can easily access information (if you know how to reach it). We can say that about architecture as well. Reaching quality information about a project is quite easy. But listening to designer’s speech and presentation reveals many points of interest you’ve missed. On the other hand, presenting projects to a jury in a particular, well-prepared area is a strong sign of a well-organized event. The whole program had adhered to the process as planned and that showed everyone was equal in front of the jury since multiple presentations held at the same time. On the other hand, other teams were able to listen to the presentations of the projects with the panels located at the entrance of the presentation area.

We felt that most of the work we produced was quite up-todate and was in place. That is why we plan to participate again in the future to listen to the presentations of other designers and to share what we have done.