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Batlle i Roig Arquitectura

World Architecture Festival 2018 | Prominent features of the project

More than a specific detail, what we would highlight from the project of the Scenic Path Along the Former Gypsum Mines in Igualada is the global way to approach landscape projects. The philosophy with which we always work, and that in this particular case, can be clearly stated, lies in the search and recognition of the values of the place. Any location, even the most degraded, has some values, natural, historical and potential that are proper to you. Knowing how to find these values and enhancing them is key to finding the specificity of each place and developing the most appropriate proposal. However, the economic downturn in recent years has taught us not to lose ambition in our projects and to continue to think big, despite the obvious lack of resources. In order to supplement this deficiency, an effort must be made in research and research, seek out other and better constructive techniques, develop ingenious solutions or take radical decisions. Each project is subject to a deep synthesis of what is essential, and what is not, is rejected as superfluous. We firmly believe that it is not necessary to act on the entire surface of a project in order to achieve a total change.

The level of the other nominated projects was excellent, both in quality and in size. In fact, our project, surely, was the smallest and most simple one of all with a difference. That is why we believe that the jury has valued this way of working, which attempts to be both humble but ambitious, attentive to pre-existing but radical decisions and always committed to the main objectives of the public space: the improvement of the connectivity, biodiversity and productivity.


Batlle i Roig has participated in the WAF since its inception and we have been able to see the evolution of these awards. It is clearly evident that its impact is increasingly high and, as a result, the level of the projects that are presented are of the first world order. Our satisfaction with the organization of the event and the proceedings of the jury is full and we have a firm conviction in continuing to apply to these awards in the coming years.

Over the last 10 years we have been awarded several times and in different categories and we have been able to verify that the impact of these internationally awarded works has multiplied since receiving this prize. This international repercussion has generated multiple publications, conferences and new contacts that obviously have their return at the level of new opportunities and new projects.