Johan Carlsson | impressions

JAC Studios

World Architecture Festival 2018 | Prominent features of the project

The project dealt with three challenging parameters of a UNESCO heritage site, a Tadao Ando building and Art Nouveau glass that required a sensitive and considered design including careful curation to create a response that valued and contributed to the unique project aspects.

The design is sensitive to the existing Tadao Ando building through interventions that form a strong contrast with materiality and colour to the original design. The proposal responds to the dramatic setting of the volcanic island of Jeju with emphasis on framing the artifacts, just like how the building frames the landscape. The exhibition seeks to further bridge and connect the awe-inspiring landscape with the architecture to create a dynamic interior draws reference from nature.

A close partnership with the curatorial team from the ‘Chambre Nationale des Experts Specialises’ was essential to developing the project and the exhibition design draws directly from the Art Nouveau movement with reference to flora and fauna depictions with moving imagery and specially considered lighting that focuses on the intricate motifs of the pieces.

The jury evaluation commented on the projects, “crafted sensitivity, to both the building and the Gallé glass to which the museum [is] dedicated”. The choice of materiality and the palette of glass and dichroic reflections to contrast the existing architecture, reference the exhibited glassworks and respond to the UNESCO landscape was an important aspect.


We had a very positive experience of WAF 2018 and it was inspiring to hear the evaluation of the Yumin Art Nouveau Collection from distinguished professionals. It is sometimes rare to review and receive a further evaluation of completed projects so this was very constructive. It was also inspiring to see talks from offices all over the world and learn from the styles and formats of presentation as well as see the extensive range of work.

We are also pleased that there has been more emphasis on the 2018 awards placed on interiority and the importance of interior architecture in its own right at such a world architecture event. The World Interior of the Year 2018 title is a momentous title for the studio and we have received extensive feedback regarding the project, which has been very positive and offers exciting future international opportunities for the studio.