İpek Baycan | jury

Slash Architects

World Architecture Festival 2018 | Criteria

The criteria I have judged were in the INSIDE section of WAF. Hotel Interiors and Display were taken into consideration.

Being a participant & being a jury

Last year being on the presenting side has been very exciting. But once we were on stage and started to talk about the project that we know by heart it has become a lot easier. Being an awarded finalist I can say that was not our primary motivation. Being able to express the idea behind the project and the experiences we had during and after the project has been constructed was our aim. Yet I believe this exact attitude was the reason we have got the juries full attention on our 10 minute presentation.

For 2018’s experience as a jury, I would like to mention that the energy that the architects bring on stage is very important. It also is a resemblance of how much the architects believe in their projects. Listening to each story behind the designed spaces have been very interesting. Considering the categories I judged the Display category has been very interesting as it has hosted various scales. The diversity on design themes and also the diverse nature of WAF has brought a lot of interesting projects worldwide.


As we all know no project is easily applied. There is always a risk of a project being haunted by the constructor, the client or the budget. This is why I especially appreciate the Completed Building category. If an architectural product can get the chance to join this category, it also means that it has been a winner in many phases of the process of being built. My impression of WAF is that it gives equal chances to the projects and offices in order to be exposed. I find it endearing as it does embrace all of the architectural practices, not depending on their size or nation yet just simply by the quality of their work.