the communication between nature and design

the communication between nature and design

Artstone is an innovative and pioneering brand in its sector which develops its product range day by day in terms of technology, design and functionality. It serves both natural stone, wood, brick, concrete and multicolored and unlimited textured models embroidering iconic figures of human history. Artstone, which performs 90% of the production process by technological means and 10% by hand, ensures that the desired texture and image meet with its users in its most natural form. The color combinations obtained with special inorganic pigments and the subsequent dyeing techniques support the spatial character of meeting nature.

The new “Moss Series” has started to take its place in projects with an innovative design approach. “Baobab Moss” wall panel, which carries the traces of the long life and wisdom of the Baobab tree, and brings nature into the spaces it is applied. The product, which has traces of the evolution of nature on its shell surface, is a special alternative for those who wants to add ‘vitality’ to the daily life of spaces. Similarly, the “Masonry Moss” model of the series is an innovative brick wall layout that shows the dependence of our spaces on nature. Masonry Moss, which can be used indoors and outdoors with its impressive appearance surrounded by wild greens, is designed for the naturalness sought to achieve spatial quality.

Stone “C-WALL”, another new product of Artstone, which adds brutalist effects to the space it is used, brings plain and plain concrete surfaces to your daily life which is the most familiar texture of our built environment. The C-WALL series compelling with its lightweight, flexible but durable structure and practical applications, is a special choice for those who want to carry urban textures to the surfaces of their spaces and those aiming for simplicity.

Artstone also continues to develop new series under the Steel umbrella in order to obtain identity spaces. “WOXX”, one of the “Steel Series” models developed for those looking for a strong spatial effect in their designs, is placed on a symmetrical and modular construction. WOXX is one of the most unique designs of the series with steel plates reinforced with cross arms and color palette created by the surface of the time.

Artstone products, which has always been an alternative for the user with the importance it attaches to design, continue to be the first choice of architects who want to create spaces that breathe and bring them closer to nature even in areas with intensive circulation. Brewmark, Tadında Anadolu, Tickerdaze eating and drinking spots and Ambassador Spa Beauty Salon projects that meet the rest needs of passengers and visitors, which have been implemented within the scope of the Istanbul Airport project recently opened for service, are among the best examples.