constructing efficiency from above

constructing efficiency from above

The construction industry is at a critical juncture. Headcounts worldwide are
growing and growing fast – and the projected numbers are staggering. It’s
predicted there will be nine billion people worldwide by 2050, with two out of
every three living in cities by the same date. For those tasked with designing and
building our cities, the challenges of such accelerated growth quickly add up.

But what can be done today to help counter the increased building demand of tomorrow? Simply put, a drive towards greater construction efficiency. To this end, any opportunity for increased simplicity and proficiency should be welcomed. While the outside of a building goes a long way to define architectural appeal, it’s the interior space which creates comfort and usability. By enhancing light and acoustics, ceilings are a critical aspect of this process, and they are an area where architects, specifiers and installers all stand to benefit from enhanced methodologies.

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is a company committed to a best-in-class service
across everything from industry-leading products and expert support to training
in the world of quick, easy and reliable supplies for the demand. With its excellent
production capacity, strong supply chain and strong team organization across
Europe, it responds to even the toughest demands most effectively and this helps
minimize exposure to unforeseen delays.

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions strengthens its commitment to contractors by building stronger partnerships across Europe. This gave the firm an in-depth knowledge of the skills and challenges of contractors in different markets, while facilitating the compatibility of their services and support. In addition, these collaborations also greatly reduce rework and eliminates costly duplication of drawings, freeing up talent and capital to be used elsewhere.

While service and support help increase project efficiency, it’s important also to consider the role of the products themselves – in terms of both ease of installation and environmental sustainability. In both cases, by developing a range of highly engineered products – including grids and canopy kits – which simplify installation and maintenance, helping minimise time on site and accelerating project completion Armstrong Ceiling Solutions builds efficiency into its portfolio.

Last but not least, currently, some 60% of all materials are used in creating and maintaining our built environment – with a significant amount enduing their service life in landfill. Products which can be recycled and re-used therefore add value to the process as well as to our planet. Among Armstrong Ceiling Solution’s range are a number of products certified as ‘Cradle to Cradle’ (C2C), which means they’re responsibly manufactured and endlessly re-usable. Already a requirement for certain projects in the United States and Europe, C2C is sure to become more widespread, helping contractors provide transparency and protecting our environment for future generations.