World Architecture Festival 2018

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Expectations, facts

We hoped to expand the festival with our move to Amsterdam and this worked. The number of entries to our awards scheme increased to a record number, and we had a record number of delegates, attendees and sponsor / exhibitors.

I think this was the best WAF we have experienced so far, taking everything into account. We have a great operations team which is necessary for an event which has a lot happening and is quite complicated. Our speakers were excellent, and if we can reach this standard again in 2019 I would be very pleased.

Goals, plans

In the short term, it is more of the same, in the sense that we will be back in the same location for 2019. However, we are also looking at a satellite event in China in the summer, which would be an exciting innovation. We always make some minor adjustments as a result of the experience of the latest festival, but I don’t envisage major changes because of the formula, which gives people multiple options about what to do, listen to or see in any moment, seems to be working well.

Program Director of World Architecture Festival