Positive Discrimination Area


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There are some certain topics that we have not been neutral – and we can not – ever since the first day we established our publication platform.

We admit that we are positively discriminating when it comes to these certain topics. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the approach of positive discrimination is still a necessity.

Since the social and individual awareness is still quite insufficient; we still ignore those who always need protection, the ones to be watched out; to be able to prove their power and their potential to be able to pursue their existence, their nature, and their rights.

We want to take up this issue in more detail with the awareness of our own responsibilities. Let’s bear our responsibility with the consciousness of these sensitive and crucial matters that we are supposed to follow up.

The first time we shared our identity of ‘KP Positive Discrimination’ to raise awareness, was the time when we had published a post about the book of Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science – and the World*. We will continue to emphasize these certain issues with arising motivation and determination.

We would be so happy if we could be the part of the community that has been working on raising awareness to change something for the better.

If you share your suggestions to increase this awareness, our happiness grows exponentially.

Endless thanks in advance.


*headstrong: 52 women who changed science and the world Rachel Swaby, KUP