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The Sofa You’ve Been Dreaming About

The soft, organic lines of the new BoConcept Ottawa multifunctional modular sofa reflect the warm, personal approach to its design. Ottawa rethinks the traditional approach to sofa modules – use them as separate parts or to combine them to create a relaxing space for the entire family to enjoy. 

World-renowned designer Karim Rashid, designer of the Ottawa sofa, wanted to change the way that sofas could be used in the home. Most other furniture can be adapted to different uses and occasions: tables can be opened to seat more people, shelves can be moved, but sofas remain – for the most part – static and lifeless. 

With the Ottawa, each module can be used by itself or together with other modules to create a totally unique sofa. For everyday use, the sofa can be spread around the home: two modules in the living room and one in the bedroom, for example. But for occasions and events where a bigger sofa is needed, the modules can be combined to create a larger, more spacious sofa with plenty of room for family and friends.  The Ottawa is available in hundreds of different combinations to fit any lifestyle.