jardin intérieur

Modern Version of the Kilim

The collaboration between the complementary worlds of India Mahdavi and La Manufacture Cogolin has resulted in an exciting new collection: Jardin Intérieur. A world-renowned name in the world of interior design, furniture design and decor, India Mahdavi is behind the interiors of famous hotels and restaurants, as well as a collection of furniture available in her Paris showroom. The multi-award winning designer was recently named as one of AD’s top 100 international architecture and design talents in 2014. The designer’s love for craftsmanship and her contrasting designs have found an incredible creative playground at La Manufacture Cogolin. Inspired by bohemian and Oriental culture, India Mahdavi brings us a new twist on a kilim taken to another level by the superbly talented artisans at La Manufacture Cogolin. India Mahdavi has broken with the brand’s tradition of rugs made using a single repeat pattern. Jardin Intérieur, a modern version of the kilim, is a collection of 6 different patterns that can be assembled in a myriad of ways into a single composition, resulting in a unique creation for each project. The varying pile heights and visible backgrounds bring depth to the surprising colour pairings.