Innovation and Uniqueness

A suitcase, an easel… and the Olympia Ceramica bathroom interprets the vitality, the drive and the dynamism of contemporary life, casting us in a “journey” through innovative, bold and complex design, where the end result is efficiency. My Bag, designed by Gianluca Paludi, is a wash basin system that can be closed away where necessary, turning into a functional vanity counter. The taps, featuring clean-cut silhouettes and mainly two-tone, can be folded down to close it all away swiftly; the leather side storage compartment becomes a convenient organiser; the small wooden pull-out compartment includes a practical make-up mirror.

My Bag: innovation and uniqueness for those who wish to turn their bathroom into an exclusive setting, with a sophisticated and original design. What’s more, My Bag is perfect for enhancing the appeal of contract settings that want to stand out above the others, and where the desired ambiance is one that has been furnished in a creative, youthful and dynamic style.