brixels | BREAKFAST

©Assaf Pinchuk

The World’s First Customizable Kinetic Facade

Brixels™ is a groundbreaking technology designed to inspire a new creative era in art and architecture. Brixels can rotate to any precise position and can spin endlessly in either direction.

Brixels are infinitely rotating, variable-size bricks that are controlled by proprietary software and can act as pixels in large-scale and customizable artworks, building facades, and a range of other applications. They can also display a range of digital content, as well as respond to the movements of passers-by. The bricks themselves are customizable in size, shape, material, and color, making each installation unique.

The architecture and interior design industries have seen little innovation in terms of how to integrate digital content and information in an aesthetically appropriate way. When it comes to integrating digital elements into a space, it almost always comes in the form of a glowing rectangle. Brixels’ ability to adapt in both look and form allows it to meld into an architects’ particular vision for a given space.