Philipp Aduatz Design


Digitalization and new digital technologies provide new and efficient tools for creators. These tools will help to design more innovative and at the same time more functional products.


I studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and did my degree in 2007. During my study, I become more and more interested in sculptors like Tony Cragg or Constantin Brâncuși rather than in designers. The intersection of sculpture and design very early caught my eye and I started to investigate this discipline. Towards the end of my studies, I became increasingly attracted to the young generation of British and Dutch Designers – not least because I shared with them an affinity for the seamless merger of art and design. Since my diploma project, I dedicated my work to be only about limited editions or unique objects at an interface between design and art, my real passion which I pursue now for more than 10 years.

design philosophy

My philosophy in design is ‘variation’: I like to work experimental on one hand, on the other hand, I sometimes have a certain concept I try to develop in order to fit an idea or vision. Some people describe my language of form as ‘organic’, I would describe it more as sculptural because of I was influenced mainly by sculptors like Richard Serra or Hans Arp.

design process

Sometimes I start with an experimental approach, like for my ‘Reversed Process Furniture’ for example. Here I tried to rethink and reinvent my process of designing objects by flipping the order of the design stages. My aim was to create objects with a distinct sculptural character by using an experimental approach to the design process. In this process I do not have an idea or vision of the final shape, I work on a concept to create a closed shape through an experimental workflow.

Other projects start with a theoretical concept that I try to realize by using complex computer software like a graphic algorithm editor as for the Villarceau Table. The design of the ‘Villarceau Table’ is based on a geometric characteristic discovered by the French astronomer Yvon Villarceau. The main concept is to design a shape by using a mathematical achievement in order to explore a design concept based on the aesthetic dimensions of scientific knowledge.

good design

Design that is multidimensional. By that I mean a creation that approaches many different subjects and not only one dimension. These subjects can be cultural, ecological, scientific, economic, philosophical or even humoristic by nature. Interesting or ‘good design’ addresses different problems or topics on various layers and expresses by that the diversity of creation.

3d printing, artificial intelligence & future of design

I see these developments very positive. Digitalization and new digital technologies provide new and efficient tools for creators. These tools will help to design more innovative and at the same time more functional products. They will also increase the quality of products and give the designers new opportunities to express their creativity. I don’t think that the role of the designer will change itself radically but his tools will change and improve through digitalization. Artificial Intelligence is still at its very early beginning and I don´t see any effects on design in the near future.

recent projects

One of my most recent projects was the ‘Digital Chaiselongue’, with this object I wanted to realize my sculptural design language with the use of an innovative digital fabrication technology that allows to 3D print very detailed concrete geometries in a very fast time. For the chaise longue, a threedimensional base plate was the first 3D printed from concrete. Afterwards the complete geometry was printed in less than one hour onto the plate. To provide sufficient tensile strength, carbon fibers were inserted in sensitive areas. The seating area is finished in delicate handcraft, this should demonstrate that craft and digital technologies can coexist for the purpose of innovation in the 21st century in harmony.


Prepare to have very strong stamina for this profession, it takes a lot of effort and time to establish your own brand and design. It took me much longer than I expected in advance.