3XN Architects
| Denmark

As the pandemic slowly fades out, something else comes back to our attention – and that’s how we deal with climate changes now and in the future. I would recommend every young architect to consider how they can be better at integrating…

Ritchie Studio
| United Kingdom

I believe that architects should design with nature first – not just ‘with’ nature but truly thinking “nature first”. This means that we must think of nature’s fundamental aspects and our relationships with them.…

EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
| Türkiye

I do not think there will be much of a difference in my own approach to architecture after the pandemic is over. To be more cautious as resources at hand are exhausted, to think again, under all circumstances, how to transform rather…

Donald Insall Associates

We work exclusively, with historic buildings and define ourselves as a specialist "conservation" consultant. Although the word conservation can embody the repair and refurbishment of a building, we see it as a dynamic creative process, through which buildings maintain relevance and vitality…

Jean François MILOU

The beauty and the significance of our living environments, our place on the map of life, so to speak, is everywhere. But land is too often considered by urban planners and developers more in terms of a commodity, sold by square meters…

Ven Architecture

Adaptive reuse projects can be illustrated in many different ways, from re-functioning of an old industrial building to converting containers into shopping malls. In fact, the main issue is to transform an old structure with a new function. Adaptive reuse can give…

Chris Dyson Architects

To me adaptive reuse means thinking strategically about the available spaces and how these might be best suited to new uses. Pairing back the original building structure to its essentials and adapting the spaces in a legible way. Our work to transform…