In Memory of KEVIN ROCHE

The tower was originally designed by Pritzker Prize winner Kevin Roche in 1997. In 2017, it was redesigned by Pritzker Prize winner Thom Mayne. Mayne used a metal cladding of interconnected window modules to cover the tower.

The tower is elliptical, reflecting the curvilinear facade of Temasek Street. Like its neighbor Millenia Tower, it features 360-degree windows and wide floor plates. This allows for better space efficiency.

Most of the offices in the tower have beautiful views of Singapore’s city district. The contractor designed a special formwork system to fit the curved profile of the facade. The column, wall and facade were built in the same operation using specially designed formwork.

A telescopic table formwork system was used for the construction of the beams and floor slabs. The use of the system formwork has created a high-quality surface that eliminates plastering. In fact, all components are coated without oil.

Granite and curtain wall were used to clad the building. With a total area of 7,773 m2 [83,670 sq ft], the curtain wall was standardized to six different panel sizes. Manufacturing the wall systems off-site made installation faster. This reduced the number of field labor.