bahia stool & slate table | SOPHIE ROWLEY

Bahia Slate Table

From Denim Waste to Marble

The Bahia Denim Stool is a sculptural seating piece made from postconsumer denim waste. The discards are draped over a mould and the layers are adhesived together. After the material is dry it is carved to create a flat surface. Through the carving process as well as through the different sized and coloured offcuts a bespoke marble-like pattern appears. The arch shape of the stool forms an elegant and sculptural silhouette which is ideal to reveal the vibrant pattern. The marble-illusion gave the stool its name ‘Bahia Denim’, named after the Brazilian blue marble ‘Azul Bahia’. The Bahia Denim Slate Tables are created from Bahia Denim slabs, cut into different elementary shapes and assembled in playful ways.