From the 50s to the Present

At the end of the ‘50s Gianfranco Frattini (1953-2004) designed an almost visionary object: the Albero bookcase. A little-known icon which Poltrona Frau now presents in a faithful re-edition. Self-supporting, rotating, adjustable to suit all tastes, describing it as a mere bookcase is somewhat reductive. Rather, it is a sculpture or a spectacular installation for the centre of the room which expresses its full potential when afforded plenty of space.

Its name – the Italian for tree but also for drive shaft – perhaps has a dual source of inspiration, the boundary between mechanics and nature. With its adjustable rack and pinions and piston-shelves, this unconventional bookcase is reminiscent of the structure of an engine drive shaft. But as it is produced entirely from wood, it also has all the warmth and vitality of a tree.