IDEO | Chapter 1


How will tomorrow be different from today? We’ll live longer and move faster. Our resources will dwindle while our technological capacity grows. But our basic needs to sleep, eat, work, and get from place to place will stay the same. That last part is what we’re interested in here. How will we move people, things, and spaces together in the next decade? The case study of IDEO about the future of automobility tries to find out this.

The Future of Shared Mobility

As ride and car-sharing increase in popularity, those creating tomorrow’s vehicles have the opportunity to streamline and enhance shared mobility experiences through thoughtful vehicle design.


Ah, a new work day. All set for my owner Chloe. I’ll let her know we are in ride-sharing mode as usual.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 8:00 am

The Benefits of Sharing

According to the American Community Survey, 76% of people in the US currently travel alone using their personal vehicle. Sharing a ride to work saves money, reduces travelers’ carbon footprint, and eases road congestion.


Looks like Nate has sent us a ride request. He would like to take a back seat pod today.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 8:05 am

Various Degrees of Sharing

Car owners can choose between ride-sharing, car-sharing, or using their vehicles privately. On-demand microinsurance services help cover shared vehicles, accelerating the growth of shared mobility.


There’s Nate now. Just in time. He has set his pod to privacy mode.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 8:10 am

Individual Pods

Many commuters value their trips as quality “me” time. Pods in shared vehicles can adjust to riders’ needs, helping customize an individual’s space. When a passenger leans back, the surrounding seat shell provides visual privacy. Below the seats, passengers find dedicated storage for their personal items.


Joe also needs a ride to work this morning. He’s selected a front seat pod.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 8:12 am

Diverse Ride Modes

A new generation of vehicles designed for sharing will accommodate a variety of passenger needs, from relaxation to productivity. Passengers can request a ride tailored to their specific needs..


We’re on our way. While Chloe and Joe are catching up, it looks like Nate is going to take a nap in his back seat pod.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 8:20 am

Time to Relax

Pods can be adjusted to provide an experience that feels quiet and enclosed, collaborative and social, or anywhere in between. Active noise-cancelling technology creates a feeling of privacy within a single pod, while acoustic amplification enhances conversations across two or more pods.


We’ve arrived. I’ll secure Chloe’s private locker and make myself available sharing while she’s at work.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 8:40 am

Private Storage

With electric motors and batteries housed beneath the floor of the vehicle, large storage spaces can be made available in the front and rear. The rear storage area might be available for those sharing the vehicle, while the front space could securely store the vehicle owner’s private belonging.


Incoming car-sharing request. There are Jim and Jessica now. Their booking is confirmed for two hours.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 10:00 am

Personalization and Convenience

As passengers are picked up and dropped off throughout the day, vehicles present a personalized appearance to individual riders. This makes finding the right car quick and easy, even for first-time users.


Looks like Jessica has an incoming video call. I’ll activate her visor so she can take the call.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 10:10 am

User Interface Projection

Vehicles can project an adapted interface from passengers’ mobile devices onto visors above their pods. This reduces the risk of motion sickness and enables passengers to comfortably interact with the vehicle’s technology.


Heading back to the drop-off point now. I’ll see if Jim and Jessica would like to pick up Chloe’s groceries. This will earn them a $12 rental discount.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 2:00 pm

Shared Storage

With the rise of the on-demand economy, crowdsourced logistics may supplement conventional ways of moving goods around. The flexible rear storage space
can accommodate different types of modules, from temperature-controlled bins for grocery delivery to bike racks that enable multimodal transportation.


Wow, what a day! Time to head home with Chloe. We’ve earned $224 so far this month through sharing services. I’ll remind her that her groceries are in the back.

ID30-17 STATUS REPORT, 5:30 am

Saving Time and Money

At the end of the day, owners can check the usage of their car and its pods. Over
time, incoming revenue from sharing services can significantly offset the cost of
vehicle ownership, making the car a more sustainable investment.