cargob urban eco-bicycle

Efficient & Environmentally Conscious

Designed for delivery services, the Cargob Urban Eco-Bicycle is more efficient, environmentally conscious and space-saving delivery solution.

Urban areas are becoming more saturated leaving less room for vehicles and a greater need for cycling. This is not only true for the average commuter but for service providers as well. Cargob Urban Eco-Bicycle aims to provide a more environment and space-friendly solution to delivery businesses. At the same time, the design wants to make bicycle delivery more popular and easier for delivery riders.

Cargob Urban Eco-Bicycle is an improved delivery bicycle design that allows the delivery rider to separate the front cart from the bike. With each door delivery service, instead of unloading all the packages into another cart, he can simply unlock the front cart from the body of the bike and haul it into the building. The motor in the back wheel also collects and stores energy from the riding and braking. This kinetic energy can be converted to electronic energy for device-recharging.