componibili bio | KARTELL

Sustainable Bio-Storage

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, The Componibili Bio is a version of Kartell’s storage unit, one of the brand’s signature products for over fifty years, today produced with a revolutionary natural material born from Kartell research and developed in collaboration with Bio-on, in high quality bioplastics innovation. The Componibili Bio are the first products of a larger Kartell Bio project.

The product is completely recyclable and Greenguard certified for its low emissions. The research which began some years ago, has led to the development of a material that responds to the characteristics of sustainability, as it is derived from agricultural production waste but does not compete with food for man or animals.

With a biological process, the waste materials once “attacked” by microorganisms generate a biomass that is similar to plastic. After a series of processes to refine the composition, this biomass becomes a material of the highest quality. The modular storage unit is available in four colours: green, pink, taupe and yellow in the three-module version.