cascine | STUDIO PESI

Colorful Lights of the City

When night comes to a city, we can feel a mood that is different from a daytime due to soft lights leaking from buildings and colorful street lights. Two contrasting lights of a calm daytime and colorful night time direct streets and spaces variously and bring new experiences.

We wanted to bring such beautiful lights of a city with lighting products and deliver unique moods to indoor spaces. Cascine creates diverse and colorful atmospheres by combining LED lights of two different colors freely through a structure that can adjust an angle.

It was produced through simple processes, such as welding, bending, and cutting, and we tried to express the formation of a soft light using an astel-processed acrylic. Cascine is divided into 4 types according to usability and is consisted of two sizes of table lamps, a floor lamp, and a wall lamp.