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The Future of Construction

Large construction job sites are extremely difficult to manage efficiently. Such multimillion-dollar investments could be hampered by misuse or misdirected resources, misinformed decision-making and miscalculated materials. Situational-awareness and softwarebased decision-making are becoming paramount in navigating the intricacies of site-management.

Skycatch delivers cutting-edge solutions for some of the largest construction, mining and energy companies in the world. Industrial design and engineering teams of NewDealDesign developed the High-Precision System comprised of Explore1 Drone and Edge1 base-station / field processing unit for construction site 3D-mapping and optimization.

Edge1 is the brain that extracts valuable awareness from the captured aerial data. Featuring a large GNSS (GPS) antenna for high-accuracy positioning and NVIDIA TX2 engine for terrain data processing, this sophisticated edge computer is designed to endure the harshest environments. Its sealed diecast aluminum body achieves heat dissipation requirements and ingress / water protection in all weather conditions. Tough and smart, Edge1 supports Explore1’s complex flight missions from the ground.

Explore1, is the flying sensor of Skycatch’s advanced geo-scanning system. Underneath its faceted cowling is Sync1, a high-speed image sensor vibration isolation mechanism. Standard drones deliver level accuracy within 500 cm while Explore1 captures 5 cm level accuracy. The rugged looking design, combined with a carrying handle, allows easy set-up and mission handling by a gloved worker.