Ali Osman Öztürk | impressions

A Tasarım Mimarlık

World Architecture Festival 2018 | Prominent features of the project

Yaşamkent Mosque is a design that tries to establish continuity between classical and modern with a simplistic and a minimalist approach. The most noteworthy aspect of the mosque is to bring a new interpretation without leaving the tradition. The basic elements of the classical Ottoman mosque architecture and the atmosphere created by these basic elements and emotions were tried to be captured by using modern technology and materials by avoiding ‘kitsch’ approach which is always the easiest way. The sense of meaning, simplicity, representation, devotion and presence of the creator in the classical are the parameters that are influential in the design and material selection process of Yaşamkent Mosque.

The main purpose was to make the user feel the same feeling that he would in a classical mosque. The main purpose was to make the user feel in ‘new’ mosque as same as what he feels in the classical mosque. In design, the parallel concrete walls arranged towards the qibla form the open, semi-open and closed spaces. Prayer halls, preparation areas, quarters, service spaces and the formation of the courtyard are in an integrated order. The use of mosques does not change easily. In this context, the structure directly references to the classic mosque structures by the formation of the place of worship in the direction of the qibla, central space, entrances, courtyard, and minaret design. This is a design of a modernist interpretation, in search of a delicate balance without leaving the tradition.


In today’s world where the internet and social media make sharing of information easier, such competitions are very valuable in terms of sharing the design approaches and designs of architectural offices. The World Architecture Festival is a great organization and being able to take part of it is so valuable as well.

In general, there is an environment of watching and evaluating international debates of architectural competitions. The announcement of the WAF organization to the broad masses will certainly make a positive contribution to the architecture. In any case, Turkish architecture would be affected positively by this evaluation environment. It will pave the way for new efforts and discussions.

It was a good experience for us. I have been participating in WAF ever since the very first years. I saw that this year, it keeps improving itself. Many companies exhibited their unique products, materials and this is an interesting opportunity to show their technologies and innovations. In the early years of this organization there were mainly projects and presentations. The festival has gained a different dimension in recent years and I think it is much more promising for the future.

It is necessary to be more prepared for the presentation and to work very well on it before sending it to the competition. It is very pleasing that Turkish architects have been active here throughout the years, receiving awards and being a finalist. We advise that architects and offices should be brave for participating in WAF and other competitions. We can’t get anywhere without participating these kinds of events. First and foremost, it is necessary to attend and be well-prepared.